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Filter Your Own Drinking Water! 

Learn How To Purify Water At Home That Is Safer & Cleaner Than Bottled Water - For A Fraction Of The Price!

It all started a few years ago... I lost faith in the quality of my tap water after reading a local newspaper article about quality test results of our municipal water supply and distribution system.

My tap water was shown to have high levels of chlorine, fluoride and heavy metals - lead in particular. I was shocked!

As it turns out, many municipal water supplies are laden with:

Chlorine, chloramines and Fluoride

VOC's - Volatile Organic Compounds such as pesticides and herbicides

Bacteria such as Cryptosporidium (which can kill you)

Heavy metals like lead, chromium, mercury, aluminum, etc...

After discovering all this, our family made the switch to bottled water. First we choose to use large 5 gallon containers of "fresh" bottled water, but soon found them to be cumbersome to transport and replace continuously. So we began buying the standard single use bottles of "fresh" water (from the same company).

Now I'm a big believer in recycling, and couldn't stand the idea of disposing of all these empty plastic containers into a landfill for all time eternal. We were sitting on literally thousands of them in the garage, waiting for the opportunity to dispose of them safely.

Then one day I discover that the source of the bottled water that we thought was pure was indeed contaminated. In fact, it was all coming from a municipal water supply!!!

So now I am back to where I started. My family is still being exposed to potentially lethal compounds in our water, I have spent thousands of dollars on supposedly pure and safe water, and I am sitting on thousands of plastic bottles just waiting to clog up our local landfill.

Right then a lightbulb went on in my head. If I could only filter my own water and be sure of its purity, I could re-fill all these empty bottles (which have a limited life span) and create an endless supply of fresh, bacteria free water for my family to consume.

After much research, I found Gary Gray's guide to making my own water filtration system, and since it looked quite easy to do I decided to give it a try.

Gary's “Do-It-Yourself” Home Water Filter Guide showed me exactly:

What parts I needed for my new filtration system and where to find them.

How to assemble the system. It was so easy it only took me a few hours!

Using my tap water as the source, that same day I began to produce my own fresh, crisp, safe & PURE water in abundance. And I've been saving my money ever since!

See Just How Easy It Is To Make Your Own
Fresh & Pure Water At Home Today